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Originally Posted by Redlinekid2 View Post
Fate has spared the Big U while the SS Norway was sent to the scrapyard.
This is ironic, as I'm sure you know, as Norwegian Caribbean Line was considering the purchase of SSUS in the late 1970s, yet wound up with SS France instead. So, in a way, SSUS might have saved SS Norway.

I was one of the fortunate ones who cruised on SS Norway. This was in April 2001. I have a review on the SeaLetter site if anyone would care to Google it. (ss norway sealetter lisa brings it to the top.)

At the time of the supposed rescue plan, I was highly skeptical. I may have posted so in our classic SS Norway thread on this site. Yet, as I do have memories of being onboard, it is much easier for me to focus on those than her post-service period. I believe it was John Maxtone-Graham who wrote that liners and cruise ships tend to have tragic deaths, either at the hands of the breakers or the waters.

My own favorite memory: Walking around SS Norway with a deck plan of SS France so I could note the differences. It got even better when a couple asked for directions and was surprised to see that my "map" was in French.
Happy cruising!
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