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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Welcome to Cruise Reviews!

Here is an example: we just returned from a 7-night cruise and although in a suite with lots of perks we still managed to spend almost $1200 on extra charges while on the ship. This was all bar service, photos, gift shop purchases, specialty dining, internet time, gratuities for the staff, and some shore excursions.
To put things in a different perspective - hubby and I did a 7-night cruise and spent only $91 dollars on extra charges while aboard which included bar service (beer and soda) and gift shop purchases. We never buy the ship's photos (because we take such bad pictures) and never dine in an alternative specialty dining room. So, rest assured that cruising doesn't have to be expensive.

Also, too, please remember that there are gratuities of $11 per person per day which does add to the cost of the cruise; but that is probably what you would pay on a land based vacation between hotel and dining out at least 3 times per day.