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Welcome home, Svein. Sure is different as a passenger, isn't it? I rarely pay much attention to the CD, either. However, on our Royal Princess cruise, the CD would come and eat lunch with us. She was a really interesting person and I could have listened to her stories for hours. So energetic. Of course, the Royal is a small ship and we were on a 2 week itinerary, so she did have more time to get to know the passengers.

It sounds like your son has already decided that the life on board a ship is a good life I bet he'd really enjoy the Caribbean. Pirates, beaches, colorful birds, sand castles, he'd have a ball.

Princess does have the Anytime Dining concept, too. I thought I read that RCCL was going to do it more, too. Carnival's a good line, too. I think it's fun to try each line. I've got quite a few more to go, but so far, Princess is my favorite followed by a close second with Costa.

Let us know when you book your next cruise!