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A thought and a question. It is really a very good price to cruise these days. In 1998 $750 per person for a 7 night inside cabin was a great deal. In 2007 I sailed on the same ship, Grandeur of the Seas, in a Junior Suite for $799 per person! Not even counting the years that passed and value of money, it was a spectacular deal. So, here is the thought, I had a drink in a bar the other night and paid $8.50. The same drink on RCL is around the same. But it helps the cruise line be profitable. They need us to buy drinks on board in order to keep prices down.
Now a question, my wife and I drink a lot of water. We have always carried a case on board and it was never questioned as we keep it sealed until on board. It seems that the new policy is NO beverages, including water, brought from shore. Anyone have the real scoop on that?