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Default Carnival vs Royal Caribbean
Good Evening!!
I am 23 and my boyfriend is 24 and we are trying to plan a cruise trip. Let me first state that my family and I are from the caribbean so the ports of call are not as important to me (but they are to my boyfriend since he has never been out of the country). However, I have never been to Nassau as an adult and that is where we are planning on going.

Now the cruises I have found are comparable in price and duration, but what I am mainly concerned with is the atmosphere on the ships. I have only been on the Discovery day cruise to go to Freeport Bahamas to visit family, so I have no idea what to expect on an overnight cruise

Since we are still young...we are still in that drinking/partying stage (but not excessively). We don't mind kids or the older crowd but what do you guys suggest for someone our age? I know everyones experience is difference but I would like just a little advice because we are having a hard time choosing between the two because they are so similar in price/duration/ports of call

whats the nightlife/bars/lounges/pool like on carnival vs royal caribbean.