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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I don't remember if I received a survey after the Elation cruise last summer. If I did it was in e-mail with a link.

And also, all the Cigar Bars are smoke-free. Uh, okay. I guess they need to stop calling them cigar bars.

Yes indeed, the Fantasy class ships are really hit hard by these changes. Less so for the other ship classes. One issue I see is the Fantasy class ships do mostly short cruises, which tend to attract passengers who are more likely to want to drink, gamble, and smoke. Also, passengers who have lower incomes and can only afford a 3 or 4 night cruise. Statistics show a higher instance of smoking among that demographic.

Surely Carnival wouldn't do anything that could impact revenues without running the numbers. We'll see.
Not all of us that take the 3-4 day cruises are "lower income and can only afford a 3-4 night cruise." It's all about personal preference, sometimes that is the only cruise that will fit our schedule and so forth..I don't think, at least I wouldn't hope, that that comment was an insult, but to me that is what is sounded like