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Prior to our recent Baltic cruise on the Vision a couple of weeks ago, we were aware of the strict policy. Both me and my wife love a good bootle of red wine, but are no beer drinkers, and really seldom drink liqour.

When embarking in Oslo I found security paying very little attention to non alcoholic beverages, we openly carried coke(the drink that is ) in our carry ons and nobody said a word. Coming from a high cost country like Norway, the charge for a bottle from room service (+/- USD 40) was not unreasonable either.

At the end of the cruise, the onboard credit note was a little bit higher than what I expected, but on the other hand we had such a good time, so it was worth every single penny of it

Rick is right, the cruise lines need to be very creative in making revenue since the fare itself is relatively low. Some seems reasonable, buit other things I find way over the top.
The worst example has its own tread - "The behind the scenes tour" for USD 150