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Brian, I think you'll love Allure of the Seas, and that it will compare very well to your prior cruises. Don't forget that you can reserve show times, specialty restaurants, and more in advance, on Royal Caribbean's web site. Then, when you check in for your cruise and you're given your room key/boarding pass/etc, everything you've reserved will be encoded on the card. When it's time to go to the activity you've reserved, staff members at the door of the venue just scan your card and you're in.

You can also make reservations once on the Allure, but note that many people will have reserved before you online. Also, if you decide to go to a show without a reservation, they let those folks in about 10 minutes prior to show time, assuming there are seats available.

Being part of a big group can be fun, in that you can do things on your own or in small clusters during the day, and come together in the evening for dinner in the same area of the dining room.

When is your cruise?