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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
I totally agree, Dwayne. I don't know how it could possibly hurt them, it's not like the "perks" cost them that much. If they do it within their "sister" lines, it still goes into the coffers.
I know! They could just open up more past guest offers and maybe give us VIP embarkation or something. I wouldn't expect all the perks, just something. Maybe they don't want the Carnival folk mixing with the Princess people, or vice versa, or something.


I have submitted my suggestion for recripocating benefits among sister cruise lines to the various Carnival staff in Miami.

I understand that Carnival was restrictive about their perks on the Platinum level. I get that....more and more folks are becoming Platinum and Carnival did not want to put themselves in the situation of overloading the system and having to remove perks like RCCL just did.

But for Milestone Reward Members (25+ cruises) there is no reason not to have reciprocating perks among the sister cruise lines.

Anyone with 25 Carnival cruises will still cruise Carnival...AND it may tempt them to try a sister cruise line that is more expensive!!!

RCCL and Celebrity do it.
Princess and Cunard do it.

There is no reason that Carnival can't do it for Milestone Reward Members. IMHO