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They do what they call "midnight snack" in the Lido Buffet everynight from 11:00 - 12:00. It is themed (ie Mexican, French, Asian, etc). You'll find the menu listed in the Lido by supper time. There will also be the "Desert Extravaganza" done one night, unsually set up in the Lido Pool area, done around 9:00 or 10:00 or so. We've not made it to the Midnight snack offerings as it's way past our bedtime. The day you're doing the glaciers, you'll probably get Hot Dutch Chocolate mid-morning and Hot Split Pea Soup in the afternoon. I do hope you enjoy the Holland America experience. Be prepared to be spoiled. Before dinner there is hors d'oevres and string quartet in the Explorer's Lounge. When you exit the dining room there is a young man behind a table offering mints or dates or candied ginger to settle your stomach. HAL is our favorite line - we're doing our 6th with them in December. You should also enjoy the Alaska experience.

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