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Originally Posted by Cruise Fanatic View Post
If you like the itinerary of the Miracle better than the Freedom, then I would do that cruise. The differences between the Miracle and Freedom aren't significant. You'll find the lounges and bars similar just different decor and themes. Minor difference in some of the food venues. Such as Freedom has the Fish & Chips and Mongolian Wok, the Miracle doesn't. But the Miracle has the Rotisserie. The Freedom has Seaside Theatre and Miracle doesn't. The Miracle and other Spirit class ships have a unique feature the "enclosed promenade" which is a quiet sitting area at the front of the ship on the Atlantic deck. The theme of this area on the Miracle is Gatsby's Garden. I enjoy this quiet area which a lot of people don't find.
We were on Miracle last March/April. Spirit seems to be our favorite - 7 times - and Miracle is same class. We have been on Freedom also. Love the enclosed promenade - mainly why I was writing - the Jungle on Spirit and I was thrilled when I found the Gatsby's Gardens on Miracle.