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Cool RCL or Disney
You've given yourselves planty of time to save up for this vacation, and I think I'd need twice as much time. Disneyland/Epcot/Etc are VERY expensive!! I've done all three, and believe me, any more than one day at each is almost too much-too much money for food, too much walking, too much waiting in line, etc. I've never been on a Disney cruise ship; I understand they're very nice, cabins are a little larger than RCL's, and that the cruises cost a bit more. RCL in the Fall is usually much cheaper than Summer or Springtime(we usually try to sail in Sept). MY ideas would be to fly into Orlando, rent a car, stay either off site near Disneyland or on the property for three days, drive back to Orlando airport, drop off the car. go down to baggage claim where transportation for both RCL and Disney, and, having pre-paid for some form of transportation to the ship (privately or through the cruise line), and go to the ship you choose (sorry for the run-on sentance). We're going on Freedom in a few days-we've sailed Mariner from there, and sailed on Liberty last Fall from Miami. I found Miami to be an awful port, with many employees who didn't seem to care very much, and too many new people checking you in who tended to screw things up, like how we had planned to pay for on-board expenses. I will be interested to see if there are many differences between Liberty and Freedom. Anyway, enough of my ramblings; have a great time whichever way you go!!

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