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It mostly depends on the embarkation port security as to whether something will pass muster as far as the wine rule goes. You must put the wine in your carry-on and not checked luggage. Thus, it is looks suspicious they will look at it closely. A thing to note is the port security doesn't work for Carnival and they are more concerned with guns, knives, and hand grenades.

Carnival's older ships are not big on draft beer. I think I've had draft Heineken on a Carnival ship but I don't recall which one. The ThirstyFrog ale they will roll out to other ships started as their featured ale for the pub they have on their new ship Carnival Magic. Magic is currently their only ship with a pub. You will find the usual canned and bottled beers on the Inspiration. As I recall they have Boddingtons and Guiness as a standard bar item.