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Sorry your cruise was not what you expected. We do not gamble so can't comment on that, but as for the too many kids, that is to be expected during the summer. Try cruising in the fall, it is very nice for that reason and it's not as hot. I do agree that the quality of food is not what it once was. I would rather see less food and better quality rather than quantity. Does anyone else agree? Maybe take away one or two selections in place of better quality, tasting food. As for check in time, we have checked in as little as 30 minutes to 3 hours, you just never know, but hey I am on vacation standing in line talking to people and just thinking about laying out on the deck drinking a nice cold drink. I just find it hard to complain at that point. I am just thankful I am one of fortunate one's in that line, right!

Don't give up on cruising because it is still the best value for your money IMO. Try another cruise line or go next year during the fall. You will love it!