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Originally Posted by Scrubs12 View Post
The Bad
1. When we talked to employees at the casino, we joked it was run by the Russian mafia. Turns out, that might be true. Three of us experienced the same hustle; when you first start playing face up black jack, we were winning, then they change dealers and lost. Stay away.
Welcome to CruiseReviews!

Congrats on your first cruise! I am pretty sure that the Casinos are ran by Carnival Corporation's Casino Division. Unlike the Gift Shops and the Spa which are ran by outside sources.

I am not an expert on how the Black Jack tables work as far as Dealer rotation. However, member Jim C. most likely is. He is on a cruise right now, but I'm sure he'll comment upon his return.

The Casinos are not under Government Jurisdiction for regulation. However as a member of Cruise Lines International Association they have to adhere to the Gaming Guidelines which can be found HERE.

Welcome Aboard,