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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
Thanks for your review. What was the highlight for you?

Did you get to the terminal for check-in at the recommended time? Was it just really crowded, or was there some delay in clearing the cruise before yours?
Yes, we got to check-in at 12:45. 12:30 was check in time. I don't recall any official delay.
The highlight was when we sailed through Tropical Storm Don. We saw it from our balcony. Very exciting.
I'm a seasoned gambler. I know scams in the gambling world when I see it. If y'all sense a bad attitude from my post about my cruise, it's mostly from my casino experience on the Ecstasy.
I had a bad muscle spasm in my lower back during our cruise. The medical center put me on an IV with valium and shots. Doctor and nurses were excellent.
My wife, I, and our friends still want very much want to go on another cruise. We are thinking of the Carnival Magic next year.