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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
I for one don't sense a bad attitude at all. You are just saying what happened. That is a good thing. I had a problem in the Casino on the Celebration several years ago. Was playing the $1 Wheel of Fortune. I had $243 in credits and all of the sudden they disappeared after a spin. I complained and was treated like a liar. Thank goodness I had witnesses who also saw it happen. As a Seasoned Slot Player I knew it was wrong. So the upper Casino Management comes to the machine and feeds me a line of bull about it.

My witnesses are telling them that I had the credits with the last spin. I tell them to run the report on the machine if they don't believe us. They then say it only has a report of Credits in. This was a total lie and I knew it as the machines can report all play. Once I told them them I knew the machine could run all reports, they changed their tune and gave me the $240 back. It could have been a machine malfunction. I dunno, it was an old machine.

Just saying strange things have happened to me too in Casino once a long time ago.


I read a book on gambling several years ago and it said to avoid casinos at service stations (like in Louisiana) and cruise ships. Now I remember why. But it only cost me 60 bucks to find this out. This won't deter me from Cruising however, I just won't gamble on board anymore.