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Thanks for the comment

but Thats sound like a problem to us in Puerto Rico

we have been losing cruises over Dominican Republic over the years, so this is going to sound crazy, but if carnival dicide to depart from there one day, it will not be good news for me, and I will not depart from Dominican Republic either, my guess since we are United State port they will depart from here in the future but I can only hope...

Either way here is the deal:

For Puertoricans, Dominican Republic is not an interesting port for cruising.

Why you will ask??

Well here in Mayaguez we have A Ferry ship that travels from PR to Dominican Republic two times during the week because we have so many citizens living in PR that are also from Dominican Republic that is a good $$$ Deal, we have like a small "cruise Ship" that cost around $150 for the trip
During summer many puertoricans travel to Dominican Republic stay there for a vacation, is wayyyy cheaper than a Cruise, is less than 1/3 of what you can spend on a cruise with the same perks, so as you see Why to take a Cruise to go to a place where you can stay there on vacation and pay wayyy less?

Also Carnival already try it One time in Carnival Destiny, they decide to change some ports and put Dominican Republic on the itinerary the situation went really bad with the cancelations, I remember because I was one of them I cancel it and I rebook it once they decide to bring back the other ports.

I can understand that if you travel from USA is a good choice but for us is not the same
I know for sure, if they do it, they will lost a lot of $$$ in the process because this has already happen before for carnival.

but that is only my humble opinion who knows...

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