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I cruised on Carnival Glory during Wilma! They revised us to Eastern late the night before. It pays to check your emails when it is a possibility. The cruise ended up being awesome, and my private excursions were credited back. Two things stick in my mind though. We had to make way out of Nassau fast because of another storm. When the ship got to the last harbor buoy it made a sharp turn and tilted. The water came out of the pools and slammed all the plastic deck furniture to the railings. All of the stuff on the bar shelves came crashing off. I had never seen anything like that before. Everyone was yelling to go to the other side of the ship (like that was going to help). When I see crew from that cruise on other ships we still talk about it and they remember it. The second was On Board Immigration. We had visited the Bahamas before we went to St. Thomas. That was a pain. Overall a wonderful cruise, and I met friends I still cruise with.

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