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Being your first cruise, you probably don't know yet where you will be spending the majority of your time onboard. What you could do is study the deckplans and see which venues appeal to you and where you think you might spend most of your time. For instance, the Spa and Fitness Center and court games, the Casino, the Princess Theater and the main lobby are all near the front. I prefer an aft cabin because my favorite place on the ship is the Terrace pool, where you are just steps away from the Horizon Court buffet and the Outrigger Bar. But the ship isn't THAT big that it makes a huge difference; no matter which end your cabin is on you are going to have to walk to the other end sometimes :-) The first time on any new ship is a learning experience; you will just naturally gravitate to certain areas; then the next time you cruise her, you will know exactly where you want to be.
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