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Originally Posted by MCPayne View Post
Interesting that Carnival's website isn't listing the itinerary change to the Sensation. I guess because that is a voyage that is in progress, and has not yet embarked, like the other cruises. As LisaP and you stated Dwayne, I wouldn't mind overnighting in Key West.
Yes, it is because those sailings have already begun and they have since made new updates. John Heald or Carnival (can't remember which) did a poll asking which port would we like to have as an overnight stay. Key West was a very popular answer. Yes, Lisa, the crew loves Key West. Sometimes the line for the crew to get back on board is as long as the guest line. I like when they dock in town instead of the Outer Mole. That way you can just get right off and walk without waiting for the Conch Train.