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Please note that one has to see their doctor for "the patch," as they require a prescription. Some people may have medical conditions that make the patch contraindicated.

There are also some common side effects, such as dry mouth and blurry vision. Some people like to cut the patch in half and start with half a dose, although if you find it's not working well enough, it'll take a couple of days for the full patch to start working.

I find a good result with ginger tablets, taking two if I start feeling queasy, and two more a half hour after that, if necessary. You can also take candied ginger with you from home, and eat some if you're queasy. Ginger ale works too.

Another tactic is to watch the horizon go up and down for a while. Apparently it helps to have your eye coordinate with your brain what your inner ear is telling it.

Dramamine and similar work if you don't mind sleeping through the rocky part of the cruise. The non-drowsy version is meclizine (Bonine).