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Originally Posted by Jim1012 View Post
There is a product called "Bronine" or something spelled like that that can be bought where we live at a Jewel foods store. It is also sold in the general store areas of the ship. One pill a day, and my wife says they work wonders. She was fine on our first cruise until the captain said something at muster drill, and she was all over herself about being sea sick, and we hadn't even left the dock. Each box, blue in color I believe, has about 10 pills, good for at least a 7 day cruise. Sorry about the spelling of the product, but it's close enough for you to be able to find it in the drug store part of your area's version of Jewel Foods.
Jim C. - 27 Cruises and I swear by Bonine. Haven't had to use it that much on ship - just when it gets really rough - but I need it for car travel (hills, etc.) and airplane always.