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"Good Night Irene", some will remember that one ?
Yes, it did pick up steam as it passed West of Maine and up into Canada early this am having doing much less in damage up here than predicted. WE had over 200K households without power late yesterday and the crews will be really busy for the next few days restoring power. I had the generator ready to fire up but we were some of the lucky ones that did not need them. Many friends and relatives are and will be without for a days.
Down at the Lake according to one hearty lady who opted to stay alone in our area and ride out the storm witnessed "Mother Nature" in a fury. She had never seen the Lake as rough as it was since she had been there and when the winds are out of the South with a small gale the Lake can quickly become a demon as waves are pushed approx 18 miles up to our end of the Lake. The docking system (quite large) is in rubble on the beach and one of three boats that stayed on the moorings broke loose and ended up on the beach swamped but appears it missed the large rocks in the process. All in All, a day of cleanup here at home with lots of leaves, branches, ect to cut and clean up. Will be heading back to Lake on Friday and do clean up there.
Hope all of you did as well.


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