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Default Constellation - Turquie and Greek Islands
We just booked our first cruise on the Constellation - Turquie and Greek Islands. Has anyone done this tour before?

We have a few questions:

1- Are alcohol beverages reasonably priced? Beer, wine, etc. Would the prices be similar to what we would pay in a bar or restaurant? Or are they a lot higher priced? We like to have a few drinks at the end of a long day and perhaps a bit of wind at dinner.

2- Is it worth while to take the transfer from airport to port/port to airport at $70/person? Is it easy to just drab a cab?

3- Excursions. Is it better to book ahead or wait to be on site and hire a local to take us around? Is that safe?

4- Can you recommend really good excursions you've been on?

5- Dress code for dinner. I heard men needed a jacket for dinner, is this correct?

6- Is the weather still decent (mid 20s) between Oct. 13 - 25th? Will it be very cool in the evening on the ship? Trying to figure out what kind of clothing to bring.

Any help to plan our trip would be appreciated. We are so excited.
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