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Originally Posted by NurseAmy99 View Post
Hello everyone,

We are leaving on the Carnival Spirit in a few weeks and wondered if anyone has tried the Steakhouse? Was it worth the extra $? On our last cruises we have been a little resistive in trying the restaturants with a fee (we are cheap skates I guess! :-))

Also, how difficult is it to get a reservation?

Thanks in advance! Amy
Hello Amy,

I've tried the one on the Spirit's sister ship Legend. The food and service were amazing! I'm getting hungry just thinking about the Porterhouse Steak! It was worth every penny to me, and I am known as a tight wad by some.

Reservations are much easier now because they can be done online.

Here is a direct link to the reservation form.

For a peek at the menu...Click Here.

Hope this helps,