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Originally Posted by Mary49 View Post
Hi Dwayne, Did you ever get to go onf Fantasy again? How was it?
Thanks for sharing.
Hello Mary Ann,

Yes, I went this past May. I don't think Music Boardwalk was on at the time. I always love the Fantasy and have a great time. They keep the ship up so well that you would never guess it's age. I've been on the Fantasy so many times that she is like an old friend to me. I know a lot of the crew as well as the Cruise Director so that always adds for a nice time.

Embarkation in Charleston is going a lot smoother and efficiently now. We had one snag because the ship came in late from Bermuda that morning due to a storm. So we couldn't park in the warehouse until after 1PM. They did have an early luggage drop off area set up though, so we dropped the luggage and parked at Fleet Landing and enjoyed a Bloody Mary and then a walk in the park to kill the time.

The food was great as always. The only slightly negative I noticed was the night I ate dinner at the Lido Buffet. It didn't seem to have the amount of selections as in the past. I could have gotten there late though and was just thinking that, or craving something different. What they did have was very good.

The shows were really good as well. Hate I missed CruiseDad's daughter again. One odd think was the cabin beds were not arranged as normal for single cruisers. They had them side by side, but not pushed together as like for a couple. You could barely walk around the cabin. I put them back as they have always been just as the Steward popped in. I got the weirdest look. I just told him the beds don't go that way. He apologized and said he was new. It was sorta funny as it was the first time I ever rearranged cabin furniture. But hey, I've been in that same cabin 3 times so I know where things go.

I like the Fantasy so well that I am going back again next month for a Halloween cruise.