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I just wanted to mention about some earlier questions about existing reservations and them being applicable. There was some confusion as to that. It doesn't mean you have to send them in or redeem them online at the time of booking. The language is "pre-existing" reservations. That means existing reservations at the time you buy the certificate. I've heard of them not being very strict at all about the rule anyway.

Dumb me got so tied up with the hurricane and work last week that I forgot to redeem mine until the final payment date late Monday night. So I paid the balance except for the $100 certificate I was redeeming. I got an email about still owing the $100. I called them and explained. They extended the auto cancellation a few days to give the certificate time to get applied. It got applied this Thursday afternoon. They were really nice about it, and that was super fast compared to how long it was taking last year.

Also I want to mention about how the OBC's get credited. I wanted to share mine with a friend that is going with me this time. I asked them to split the OBC's in the comment/instruction box on the form. They did it just as I asked.