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Prior to the Splendor fire Carnival made its share of poor public relations decisions regarding compensation to passengers. The company was extremely inconsistent, offering very generous compensation in Case A and then not a dime in Case B, even when they were similar situations. Same goes for RCI and all the other mainstream cruise lines.

I'm not going to think of Carnival as some noble corporation overflowing with altruism based solely on this most recent event. They weighed the value of the good publicity against the bad as a business decision. Actually I think if it had been just a few passengers they may not have been so generous. The media would not pay much attention if 4 or 5 people missed the ship.

I'm happy Carnival did what they did, and I'm happy RCI finally woke up. But, going forward I would not have the expectation for this type of response by either of these lines to become standard policy. Each event will be individually assessed, as they should be.