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Drinks (all drinks, i.e.soda or alcohol) have a set price and a small tip for the server attached to the cost of the drink. Coffee, tea, iced tea, and table water in a glass for dinner are all included in your fare. In the morning for breakfast, there are juices and milk and coffee and tea also included. Alcohol is NOT cheap-drinks are usually compared to a fine restaurant or downtown bar. Cans of soda can be bought at the pool deck bars and other bars for ABOUT $2.50 US. Unless you drink TONS of soda, the soda stamp or card or whatever the ship calls it is WAY OVER PRICED, and in MY opinion only, not worth the cost. There is also a charge for anything taken from the mini-bar in your cabin at regular normal costs. Pictures are taken all over the place, and you MAY, or MAY NOT buy them. They are on display in the photo area of the ship. There will be many places for you to spend your money at the shops and such on board, as well as a casino, but all those purchases are YOUR choice. Since this is your first, TRY and NOT buy everything you see; be a little careful, and you WILL have a great time. Our first cruise on Mariner had a bill at the end of just over $600 for both of us; not too bad for a first time, and some of that was the soda stamp that we NEVER buy now.

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