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Originally Posted by Casanova frankenstein View Post
Dwayne that is exactly the same conversation I was having with my wife I already sailed with carnival 5 times each one of my cruises is a 7 day cruise why I have to wait to 5 more of seven days when there are a few people that can take 3 day cruises and get there faster than me??
I dont understand the point system if you can explain a little it will be great...
Cas, I will absolutely try to explain the best I can. Right now it is based on the number of cruises, with the 10th one being Platinum. They are exploring another way to reward Loyalty based on nights sailed. Based on 5 - 7 night cruises the new proposed system would keep you where you are now as Gold or the New Level 2 with 35 points. Of course I don't know the name of that Level yet. With doing 7 night cruises you would be in a better position now with rewards if they change it.

I think I would be Level/Tier 3 if they do this. My main concern was losing any perks I've already earned. I read today that was not going to happen even if they move forward with this as we would be Grandfathered in.

I am anxious to see how they will change the perks if they do.