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Default Back from the Inspiration
We just got back Sat.. We had a somewhat good time. My wife's friend made it somewhat a challenge.. The Stingray city excursion in Grand Cayman needs to be dropped! We have gone on it 3 times, And since 2002 the amount of stingrays at the reef has dropped BIG TIME..There was maybe 10 total there last week were 2002 there was 100's. Rum point was a pretty place but expensive to shop.. The dollar is weak there! The Excursion was running very late and we were the last tender at 3:15, Ship left at 3:30, The friends we were with was unhappy about not getting to shop and also was worried the ship was gping tp leave us.. STRESS!!! Cozumel Beach break deluxe is a great value and was fun,, Got a little to much sun though ouch!! We enjoyed the new menu, We did some Did-ja.. Ship seemed to be not at full capacity for some reason(unusual).. Great smooth seas.The really bad thing that happen was on the way back home we got a tank of BAD GAS and now we are trying to get rid of that,,Oh, we did book a cruise for nov 3 2012 on the Liberty so we got a $100.00 obc and 2 certificates for family if they book within 60 days they get a $100.00 obc.. I love free money! And if you need a good hotel to stay at near Tampa Fl. Go to the Holiday inn express at the fairgrounds, IT WAS AWESOME!! best I have ever stayed at.. 417 days!!!

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