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Originally Posted by PC GUY View Post
Thanks for the videos Dwayne.

I just booked an ocean view room on Empress Deck for Dec 5.

One final question. What deck do they use for embarkation in Jacksonville? It seems to be a small terminal with no air bridge.

The Fantasy Class is designed to use the lobby on Empress Deck for embarkation/debarkation - if the port can handle it.

When I sailed on the Elation in San Diego, they had to use the boarding hatches on Riviera Deck by the mid-ship elevators. If they are using Deck 0 or Riviera Deck, I might just change my room to Riviera.
The last time I was on the Fascination was 2009. I am thinking it was Deck 3 Forward. One Deck under Riviera. Where the Medical Center is located. I can't say with 100% certainty though. That's where they were also boarding on the Fantasy in Charleston until this spring. They now have an Air Bridge in Charleston with wheels on it there to allow boarding on Empress. I don't know if Carnival bought that, or the Ports Authority. It sure makes it easier though.

Personally, I wouldn't change my cabin. Empress is a great location. I always try to get Mid Ship Empress because for me it is so convenient getting around the ship.