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Default just back off the oasis
What an amazing ship credit too rccl.
The best parts for me were central park. Park cafe with there beef sandwich smothered in gravy.
Adventure ocean for my little son he loved it.
The food was as much the same has previous cruises good selection.
Hairspray and the aquatic shows were amazing.
I could sing praises about the ship all day.
The only problem i had was the cruise director, what a load of garbage could not tell you her name as you never seen her.
We was looking forward to seeing richard spacey again but it never happened.
The 70s night was at 23:30 in the evening. When you have a toddler on board our late night are long gone.
I know its hard cater for everyone but on every cruise ive been on, theres never been an issue.
Ive suggested to rccl in an email to ditch the cd.

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