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We do not normally look at Carnival posts because it is not one of our favorite cruise lines (we have been on 12 lines). But this itinerary is, indeed, interesting and got our attention. Keep in mind that if one were to join this cruise in Vancouver and go to Australia it becomes a 29 day cruise of which 17 days are at sea. For ole cruisers like moi, this is our idea of a real cruise. The combination of French Polynesia, Hawaii and Tahiti are great for those who love warm weather cruising in areas with amazing water for swimming, snorkeling or diving. It looks like it would be possible to book a balcony cabin on the entire 29 day itinerary for less then $3500 (probably less if you shop carefully) which is a pretty good deal. We have been on the Spirit and enjoyed the vessel except for the noise associated with its Azipod system. There were certain parts of the main dining room that had such a deafening sound from the motors that it was nearly impossible to carry-on a conversation. We are not sure whether this problem has ever been resolved (its been a few years since we were on the ship).