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Default Carnival Valor review
My sister and I cruised on the Valor Sept 11-18. Eastern Carribean
We got to the Miami terminal about 11 A M Sunday. The terminal was crowded and backing up. Since it was Sept 11 they had security extra tight but we were able to start boarding by 12. They did have a moment of silence for the victims of 9-11.
The ship was full but other then life boat drills you never felt crowded. The crew is one of the best we have met.
Tuesday night about 10 30 the captain came on the speakers and said we were going to have a medivac at 11 30, we had a very ill person on board. I grabbed my house coat and ran up on deck with 100s of other people to watch the drama. The wind was probable 50 miles an hour, the rain is coming in sideways, and we have a helicopter that is trying to rescue a sick person. Those wonderful men and women of the U S Coast Guard did an Amazing job of keeping the helicopter steady. it was very very stressful watching it because it had the potential of going very very bad fast. But they airlifted the lady up with a nurse from the ship. I was so very proud of our Coast Guard...As I was leaving to return to my cabin, a gentleman with a spanish accent said "God Bless America, in another country the lady would have died" . I can no say enough good things about that rescue.

The ship was kept very very clean, the food was great, I love the comfort food that they now have on the menus. I must say I ordered the comfort food most of the time, it was very good.
I was not impressed with St Thomas. we went to the port area where the vans were, I asked a taxi driver how much to see the island and go to megan bay, 25 bucks, so we got in with about 10 people ( it was a van) he said he was taking us to a secret beach. yea right, it was a beach at some resort but the beach and the water was very very rocky, and one of the people got bit by a sea urchin (sp) he was in a whole lot of pain. Anyway I said again I want to go to megans bay...well he took us, up on a hill and we had to look down on it. didnt get to walk in it... lesson learned, get all the details before I get on the taxi.
San Juan was a busy city. we took a city tour. it was very hot.
grand turks was beautiful, we hired a taxi to take us and show us the sights. well there are not a whole lot of sights to see but he was very informative and I did enjoy it. 25 bucks for 2 hours.
Half Moon Cay, what can I say about an island that should be called paradise. it was breath takingly beautiful... we rented a cabana for the day 219 for 4 people, it was air conditioned, they served us fresh fruit, soft drinks, water, chips, salsa, swim mats, provided snorkel equipment, this is the way to go. But I streached out on a lounge chair in the cabana while the rest of the group (my sister and 2 female cousins) were swimming and snorkeling. I fell asleep on the lounge and was awoke with a man leaning over the railing of our cabana, I asked him what he wanted and he said he just wanted the time, He wouldnt leave and I started feeling very very uncomfortable, kinda scared, they out of the water comes running my sister and cousins. My sister told him to leave NOW. and he did. I should have reported it to security but I didnt.
Half moon Cay is a tender port and it is not well organized. we had a lady that dehydrated and had to be carried off the tender. I guess that would be my only compliant, for them to do a better job tendering us.
Disembarking was the easiest of all the ships I have been on. then disaster struck. we had VIP luggage tags and they are in a seperate area from the rest, my sister got to the luggage first and handed me mine, grabbed hers and off we went, went thru customs, crossed the street to wait for the shuttle to the air port... Looked down at my suitcase my sister had handed me and OH MY GOODNESS its not mine. I was terrified they would think I stole it, I ran across the street and told them what happened, they took the mistaken luggage from me and told me it would be after 11 00 before I could get my luggage, (its 8 30) I couldnt wait, I had a 1 oclock plane to catch out of fort lauderdale. They told me they would contact me and send my my luggage. Ok now no one knows where my luggae is. Oh my
over all it was a great cruise. Booked again for the Valor in January. Maybe I can find my luggage then.
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