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Originally posted by gdjoslin:
The last time we were on the Pride (when it was in LA) Smoking in your cabin was tied to your location. I forget if it was port or starboard. I am not a smoker and I can tell you if you smoke on your balcony it does go into someones cabin.

Smoking in the cabin is allowed in every cabin in Carnival's fleet (EXCEPT the Spa cabins on the Splendor, Dream and soon to sail Magic.)

Where cabins are concerned, there are no "smoking or nonsmoking" sides or exempt "locations"
(except as noted above on the Splendor, Dream and Magic)

Now, cruisers should be aware that there are cabin stewards who (because they do not want the hassle of cleaning a room that has been smoked in) will tell you otherwise.

Also do not be confused....a cabin on Spa deck (on other ships) is NOT the same a Spa Cabin on the Splendor, Dream or Magic.

A cabin on Spa deck on other ships is just a cabin that happens to be on a deck named "spa".
(it has no restrictions or amenities)