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Originally Posted by Wheels87 View Post
That is interesting because I cruised with Carnival four times in the last year and I didn't get any e-mail...I wonder if it is for those cruisers with greater than 10 cruise credits.

Oh well, maybe I will book another trip!

I don't think so. It could have been hit or miss like the Surveys. It sure went out to a lot of people though. I did get an email Survey about the last cruise. Did you? Or more appropriately Didja?

I think it was a case of someone hitting the wrong button. They seem to have been having problems with emails for a good while. There have been a plethora of complaints about not getting Surveys (comment cards) from people. This has been from people that their email addresses were in the system because they get other emails. That is some kinda quirk they need to fix. It seems that I read different reasons all the time. The last I heard before my last cruise was to make certain your email was in the FunPass section. I did, and I got one. It was always there before though.