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Originally Posted by GinaLondon View Post
looking for advice for Hawaii. We are trying to stay at around $100 per port for each tour.

For Maui, we are thinking the volcano tour looks good, but not sure if it is on a motorcoach bus. would prefer to go with a small group if possible. anyone done the one the ship offers? Princess Cruises : Haleakala Crater . What is better for Maui, an island type tour or a snorkeling tour. Can't really make up our minds on this one.

For Honolulu we are going to do an island tour. My favorite so far is Oahu Island Tour - Best of Oahu Island TourIt hits most of the hot spots we want to see and its $100 each which fits our budget

For Big Island we have already booked Big Island Volcano Tours and Excursions Hawaii. Big Island Volcano Tours and Excursions Hawaii
We paid $70. the similar tour from the ship is $150

Undecided for Kauai. Every tour seems expensive. We are considerint Paddle Kauai Jungle Streams, Kauai Kayaking & Canoeing | Tours, sightseeing tours, activities & things to do | or an island tour, if we can find a good rate. Anyone have recommendations
On Maui we used Princess tours a while back to go to Haleakala Crater and it was pretty good. I don't recall the price but I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Don't forget a sweat shirt even on a hot day.

On Honolulu you can economize & go to see the Arizona on you own without a tour. On the last trip there we went to see the Bowfin submarine & museum instead of the Arizona & did it by using public bus both ways. If you go on your own It would be a very long day but you could probably do both. Very easy to walk to the bus stop both at the ship & Pearl Harbor. If you have a Medicare card it'll also get you 1/2 bus fare. Also if you have a Golden Age Passport it'll get you & another person into the National Parks.
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