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Default Drink packages on Celebrity
Hey Steve;
There are some limtations on the packages.. If you like to enjoy a bottle of wine, then the package is not for you. You are limited to a glass at one time - so when in the dining room you are at the mercy of the wine dudes. If you like to order beer by the bucket by the pool - here again, you are limited - you only can order one beer at a time On our last cruise I did notice that someone with a drink package was being monitored - they really do not want people overindulging too much, which I tend to agree with.
As Hank mentioned, the only time that you will benefit is on sea days. There are other alternatives that you may not be aware of;\You can bring two bottles of wine upon embarkation, as well, if you are a Captain's club member there are few events during the cruise that will have complimentary cocktails. If you are lucky to be a Captain's Club Elite member there's a nightly cocktail hour (5-7 actually) As well, there is always a drink of the day with a reduced price. Hope this helps.
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