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Yes, I felt the food on AMA was similar to Avalon. My Avalon cruise was on the Avalon Tranquility built in 2007 and the AMA was on the AMADagio built in 2006. If it weren't for the names these ships are very similar. Comparing these two ships I give the edge to Avalon in the bathroom being larger and the cabin being a hair larger. Comparing these two cruises I also give the edge to Avalon for the entertainment. However; I have to say it could have been the time of year I traveled. My Avalon was a Christmas Market cruise which they had some very special Christmas entertainment with Kris Kringle and a German One man band. Traveling through Bavaria wine country Avalon brought on local winery people and we had a Bavarian wine tasting night. On another night we had Bavarian beer tasting.

I will be trying out Uniworld next in December with another Christmas Market Cruise. Their decor does look more upscale. However; they are owned by Travcorp, which owns the Red Carnation luxury hotels. Uniworld ships take their decor from the Red Carnation brand.
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