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Wink Agree with each port
to see what it s like,,can determine which looks best to you and family.
We did W.Carib. last husband just rented snorkel and scuba equip...I went off on my own,,enjoyed the airboat tour in Belize,,but not a port I d go to again,Sadly,very poor and would not feel comfortable wandering around on own.
In Costa Maya,,we visited the Mayan ruins with ships tour.But again,port is fenced in and ID required to get in and out...sort of out in boonies.Again,would not feel safe outside port area since in the middle of nowhere and really NEED to book some excursion there.
Cozumel has best beach areas,,,and I also took bus tour of island to get overview,,again,,with ship..Some people rented cars,mopeds,etc...but as said above,,MUST be sure you can get back to ship,,,or it really WILL sail without you..
So,,do research and that ll ll love cruising ,,,by grandkids have been on numerous ones and have a much for them to do..and you can relax too.Any specific questions re above ports,,,I ll try to help...
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