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Talking Belize or Bust!
The Lamani ruins excursion is wonderful, but an ALL DAY TRIP. It includes a 45 minute bus ride to the river, and then about an hour boat ride to the ruins. The river boat ride is a wonderful part of the trip as you will see lots of wildlife including birds, monkeys and we even saw a croc! This is an incredible day into the ancient Mayan history. The tallest pyramid in Lamani is climbable and is the tallest point in Belize with a fantastic view!

The Altun Ha ruins are closer in and will just require a 45 minute bus ride. You can often combine this with a trip to the Belize Zoo. These ruins are more excavated than Lamani and far more "organized", but I prefer the more rustic experience of Lamani. However Altun Ha will only take up part of your day. The Zoo is nice and in a very natural setting. They have live jaguars which the Mayans consider a great good omen if you see a live one.

I would not recommend cave tubing for anyone afraid of water. Depending on how high the river is and how fast it's running, the tubes can move along pretty quickly. I was there in May and the river was so low it was a lazy river. But I've also been there when the water was rushing and it was like "white water rafting". As posted earlier, it's also VERY DARK in spots. Also, there are zillions of tiny minnows in little pockets here and there. Now I don't mind, but someone afraid of water may be unnerved by being surrounded by the lil fishes that love to bump you and see if there might be a tasty morsel nearby. THEY DO NOT BITE! But they do bump into your legs and butt that is dangling in the water.

I always use the same tour company when I come to Belize. If you want the name, let me know. They have a website and have all kinds of fun things to do in Belize with an English speaking knowledgeable guide and an air conditioned vehicle.

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