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Lisa - I had forgotten that the Wind used to be the Windward. That was my parents' favorite ship... It would have been nice to have sailed her before the stretch - - the stretch really interferred with the traffic flow. People would cut through the show lounge instead of going up/down to get from side to side. But one still got the "essence" of the older grand ship.
As for the "Freestyle" branding - this was our first and only experience with the "Freestyle" concept, and I have to say I really did NOT like it. There were always tables being bussed and reset all around us during our dining time ... not to mention the standing in line to wait for a table issue. I felt like I was waiting at Furr's cafeteria for dinner..... At any rate - I'll look forward to seeing the new commercials and see if they can tempt me away from HAL...
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