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Anything on 17th Street Causeway is going to be very near the port. Anything on A1A will be a ways from the port. Anything anywhere else can be 5-10+ miles from the port. We have stayed at Pier66 and the Renaissance which is right across from the port. It is so much fun to walk out and see your ship waiting for you. If you're an early riser, like I am, you can watch the ships coming into the port. We normally drive, so it's not a big deal where we stay. We're staying at the Sea Club again this December. They're about 3 miles from the port, they have a restaurant/bar that faces the ocean, they're on A1A. Normally, the cab fare would be about $20 to get to the port. However, the day I flew in for my February cruise, there were 8 ships in port. It cost me $85 to get to the hotel because of the traffic. I knew the back way, but the driver didn't (well..he probably did but wanted a nice fare). The hotel is really old, but well kept. I've also stayed at the TropiRock which is off of A1A, but again about 5 miles from the port. Embassy Suites is on 17th Street Causeway and the Grand should be through with construction by now. Hope this helps a little.
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