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Exclamation Caribbean Cruise Line is a SCAM!
Hello everyone. I've been searching for a place to write a review about this company and I'm glad I finally found a forum. I have to warn everyone - this company is incredibly unethical and corrupt and this offer is such a scam. I know this because I actually bought a package (yes, I got had) and I ended up using it as my honeymoon. I bought it a couple of years ago from a telemarketer that called my house and I guess he was just a great salesman because I spent $597 right there on the phone. I decided at the time it was okay, and I got his phone number and assurances that everything that was promised would be delivered.

Little did I know, this would be the most stressful and nickel-and-dime vacation I would ever go on. We got down there and of course, they wanted us to go to a timeshare presentation - which we weren't told about. Of course. We actually got out of the one in Orlando because the guy knew that we were students and the company isn't interested in people of our economic demographic. But then the hotel we were in (a Ramada - awful!!) we got put in a dirty room with pubic hair on the bathroom floor. They gave us another room, but still, gross. Then we got these "meal vouchers" which were only worth like, $7 for lunch and $10 for dinner (which obviously isn't going to cover an entire meal) plus they didn't include tax and gratuity, so you had to pay that EVERY time. The "restaurant" in the Orlando hotel was a joke. We never ate there - it was basically a cold sandwich and salad bar the whole time.

Then we went on the about a ripoff. It was the Bahamas Celebration. Everything was supposed to be included, but of course, most things cost extra. Only a couple of restaurants were "included" - the others you had to pay extra to eat in. Even bottled water was extra - who wants to drink tap water on a cruise ship? Drinks were astronomically priced, but we expected that. They drop you off at a port in the Grand Bahama Island in the industrial district so you are forced to pay for a taxi to get to Port Lucaya (because public transportation is not an option - they're trying to get your money). Other than that, the Bahamas is beautiful. I recommend it, just not with this cruise line.

When we got to Ft. Lauderdale, things just got ridiculous. We went to the welcome center where we were told we had to do another time share. We were pressured into putting a $40 deposit down to get our meal vouchers and the guy said we would get our money back when we go to the presentation the next day at 8:30 am! I was on my honeymoon! How could they expect us to go to a timeshare presentation that we weren't aware of in the first place, and then we have to go at 8:30 am??! Crazy. So we just paid the $40 so we could get the meal vouchers. But then we get to our hotel and eat some lunch and our burgers are burnt and had like, rocks in them - I almost chipped a tooth. It was the worst $11 burger I've ever had. (Of course, the burger cost more than what the meal vouchers allowed.) We left, but they beckoned us back to pay our tax and gratuity. Well at this point, my husband was so livid with how bad we were getting taken advantage of, that we went back to the welcome center and demanded our $40 back. And at this point, I was so done with this company. We wanted to make the best of the remainder of our trip.

All in all, I was INCREDIBLY dissatisfied with this vacation package. I feel violated. And it kind of turned my husband and I against Florida, because we really felt nickel-and-dimed every step of the way - but of course, not Florida's fault, Caribbean Cruise Line is just a horrible company! Stay away from them!!!
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