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Self-debarkation is the first group to leave the ship. When this happens depends on when Customs gives approval for the passengers to start leaving. Normally they are pretty good about not delaying things, but also note if the ship arrives at 7am that doesn't mean people start leaving at 7am. There is a process involved and if you arrive at 7am I would not expect self-debarkation to start for at least 30 to 45 minutes later. That puts you around 8am exiting the pier after going through Customs. And please note self-debarkation is very popular which means lots of people do it. Things can get bogged down.

Self-debarkation indeed does mean you have to be able to carry all of your luggage off the ship with no assistance. Porters or staff are not allowed to help you leave the ship, hence the strong recommendation that it only be carry-on type luggage. You also cannot check luggage for transfer to the pier if you use self-debarkation.

If everything flows perfectly you could get to the airport in time for a 9:40am flight. Perfectly means TSA is not backed up either, and that you can check any luggage at the airport with no delays. More variables? The Oasis Of The Seas will be debarking around 6000 passengers at the same time, along with whatever other ships have arrived at Port Everglades that morning. Many of those people will also be heading for FLL.

So in the end I am telling you a 9:40am flight will be a crap shoot. I know people who have made it to the airport by 7:30am because the ship arrived a little early. I also know people who missed 10am flights. This is really all anyone can tell you, other than 'good luck'.