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Originally Posted by CruiseDad View Post
This will be my first VIP embarkation and I am really looking forward to the experience. I will be traveling with 2 other couples, our bookings are linked with Carnival. Does anyone know if they can come through the VIP embarkation with my wife and I or will they split us when we show up at the cruise terminal in Charleston together?

I have done that on my last and will be doing it again on my next cruise. My parents-in-law will be coming with us.

Not just the booking, but the Onboard expense account (Sail and Sign) has to be linked to your credit card as well. I have been able to add 2 other cabins to my Sail and Sign, and they had to check in with me.

When you set up your Sail and Sign account, there is a link "Include Guests From Another Booking". When you add them, they will be automatically added to your sail and sign account. Then once onboard you can change it if you wish (same credit card but different accounts).

This works well for us because we are coming from Canada, and I have US$ denominated credit card, and have a US$ chequing account. I can buy US money when the time is right, then settle the bill in one currency without having to worry about currency conversions or a 2.5% mark up when they charge to a Canadian$ credit card

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