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First time,

Depends on what you want out of this cruise. What is the age group of the two families? You want more relaxation or upbeat partying? Here are some of the many choices to look at:

For the fun loving kids/family oriented cruiseline:
- Carnival (Fun ship, Average Food and Service, good entertainment)
- Royal Caribbean (Good Service, food, entertainment)
-Celebrity (Good Service, Food, Entertainment)

For quiet relaxing read a book cruiselines:
- Holland America (Great service, good food, average entertainment)
- Norweigen "NCL" (Average Service, and food, good entertainment)

My experienced is based on cruises with Carnival, Norweigen and Holland America. All the other cruiselines are based on opinions from my sister who is a cruise consultant for Expedia and have been on literally every cruiseline.

Again, if you don't care too much about your rooms, pick an inside cabin to save a few bucks and spend more on things to do on the ship and off the ship. If you are doing a cruise where you want to see scenery, etc, then pick a balcony. You do get what you pay for, and if you are lucky, they might upgrade you prior to your trip. Which I have had... (from inside cabin to Balcony for an Alaska cruise - which was AMAZING).

Happy sailing