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Default strange happenings on a cruise ship
I just read about the 2 deaths on a cruise ship this morning. One is not the norm but 2 is down right strange. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced strange happenings on a ship, here is mine
We were returning from dinner and entered our room and a room steward was in our room, he was rummaging thru our drawers. we walked in he was on his knees with our drawers so open and hands in them, he looked up at us, he jaw actually dropped, he stood up closed the drawers and left. it all happened very fast but he was not expecting us to walk in that door.
the last day of the cruise ATF boarded the ship, walked down the hall, we had the last room on the hall they walked to our room turned around and counted 2 doors and entered that room. I now wonder if the steward was trying to hide drugs or something. we had nothing for him to steal..not even sure he was our steward, it happened so fast.. do yall think we should have reported this?
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